Business Planning

Many miss this lesson…

It’s surprisingly common for employees to get elevated to management positions without the fundamentals of business planning. In fact even as the head of a project or company, many leaders operate without the benefit of clear objectives and strategies and flounder when attempting to align teams around a common goal. Execution drifts, and everyone is left scratching their heads a year later when intended results have failed to materialize.

Based on Jim Horan’s best-selling book, “The One Page Business Plan,” this program provides a clear and easy method for corporate executives, department or unit managers or small business owners to develop a business plan. Department managers and project managers learn to articulate the  mission, strategies, and metrics related to their area of the business and design action plans that tie to strategies and measurable results. Business owners learn to prioritize and focus on the key goals that will drive business success. The approach is crisp, to the point, and in plain language so that it is easy to share with all levels of the organization.

By attending the workshop, particpants learn to document a powerful plan that is:

  • Concise
  • Articulate
  • Relevant to the company
  • Trackable
  • Supports accountablility
  • Fosters productive communication
  • Generates alignment 
Call to bring this program to your company or get one-on-one coaching:                                                                         415-499-3533

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