Case Studies

Management Development

A Silicon Valley innovation design firm utilized team leaders to manage client projects including client communication, budget and timeline control and team member output and engagement. InstillLeadership customized unique training modules in project management, leadership, performance reviews, interviewing and financial management to enhance team leader performance.

Business Planning and Facilitation

As part of its annual planning process, management in this progressive high-tech firm was committed to bringing work teams together to self-examine, enhance team effectiveness and build productivity. InstillLeadership launched the program and managed the process. We facilitated a series of meetings with management and department groups that identified annual goals, challenges and new approaches to overcoming obstacles. Outcomes included increased system wide alignment of department plans, efficiency of product development processes, and more effective communication between upper management and department heads.

Executive Coaching

As with many rapidly growing, high-tech firms, this software company’s managers were long on subject matter expertise but short on management skills. InstillLeadership worked with the executives and department managers face to face and by phone, providing coaching on topics such as assessing employee performance, developing employees and correcting performance problems.

Team Building

Management of this progressive software firm wanted to strengthen teamwork and integrate new members to the management team. InstillLeadership formulated a day-long off-site program to facilitate closer working relationships, as well as enhanced group problem solving and decision making skills.

Trainer Development

This financial products company devoted a great deal of time and money to training its financial advisors. Those promoted to trainer positions however were savvier about the company’s products and how to sell them than they were about how to impart that knowledge and skill to others. InstillLeadership upgraded a dated train-the-trainer program to include both presentation and facilitation skills for the trainers.

Employee Certification Program

High employee turnover and inconsistent service execution were serious concerns for this food and beverage chain. InstillLeadership worked with the company to develop a new employee certification program. This included technical and customer service classroom training, on-the-job reading materials, store manager and trainer checklists as well as a train-the-trainer program. Immediate sales gains were enjoyed as employees started out with higher levels of competence and a commitment to customer service.

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