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Marla Rosner

Marla Rosner is an engaging speaker, trainer and facilitator who helps audience members and learners understand how to enhance their interpersonal communication for better business results; both face-to-face and importantly, in the context of digital communication at work.

Marla’s dynamic, down to earth and humorous style enables groups at all levels of your organization to embrace her high impact, actionable content.

Marla’s two decades working inside corporations as an executive and then as a consultant, has honed her observations of workplace issues; she crafts stories and examples for her presentations that truly resonate with her audiences.

Knowing that your company or group is unique, she does her homework to insure that your attendees relate to every presentation or workshop and leave with practical applications back on the job.

Presentation Topics

Building E-Savvy at Work

  • Before you Hit ‘Send’; Becoming Digital and Deliberate
  • Taming the Digital Wild West at Work
  • Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants: Closing the Divide
  • Essential Business Practices in the Digital Age

Leadership and Management Development

  • Auditing Management Effectiveness in Your Company
  • What Managers need to Know about Coaching and Feedback
  • First Time Managers Programs
  • Business Planning on One Page
  • Hiring: Getting it Right the First Time
  • Employee Engagement; Why Doesn’t  my Team Love Work?

Dave Bollwinkel

With over thirty years of coaching, training and public speaking experience, Dave Bollwinkel ignites learning in his audiences, making great use of the experience he gained building college basketball teams. Dave leverages his motivational zeal on and off the court to inspire managers and teams in corporate settings to create cohesive, collaborative, productive units. Nobody drifts off in a Bollwinkel presentation as he not only knows what he is talking about but also fully engages the participants.

Dave’s twenty-five years of college basketball coaching includes nine seasons as a head coach.  During those nine seasons he was twice named Coach of the Year.  Dave is currently a scout for the Chicago Bulls.  A college athlete himself, Dave played football at both Princeton and the University of California at Berkeley.

Known as a superb teacher and motivator, Dave’s preparation and experience provides audiences with a wealth of ideas to strengthen teamwork and enhance leadership.

Presentation Topics 

  • Characteristics of Championship Teams
  • Building a Shared Vision – Being Purpose Centered
  • Trust
  • Creating Collaborative Teams
  • Self-Authorized Leadership and Accountable Followership
  • Staying On Top
  • Accepting the Challenge
  • The Art of Self Coaching

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