Manager Tip: Use Civility in Interviews

iview.microscopeSadly, we could probably all tell stories of interviews that not only did not win the job, but  also left us feeling belittled.  Some interviewers seem to delight in the inherent power that comes from being on the side of the desk that does the hiring. I can only urge those who feel “empowered” in this way to recall their own experiences searching for a job and in particular the vulnerability of being a job candidate.

If you do decide to hire a candidate, realize that your conduct in the interview creates a strong first impression with that person. Consider whether your interview style  gains or losses respect at the outset of your working relationship. Remember, you’re planting the seeds of your future working relationship here.

Also remember that even if an applicant doesn’t walk away with the job, they should feel positively about your company and about the way they were treated; they may just refer a great candidate your way or even a prospect for your services. Alternately, if they feel they’ve been treated with disrespect they could  bad-mouth you and your company to everyone they know. So leave arrogance behind and instead make the job-seeker comfortable. You’ll learn more about the person who is relaxed than one that is guarded and intimidated.

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