Negotiating Success!™

Negotiating Success!™ is a two day training workshop that transforms the way professionals negotiate. The old ways of highly competitive negotiations that produce win-lose results are history. In the long run, win-lose is lose-lose! We show you how to always work toward win-win negotiations in this powerful negotiation skills training seminar.

Negotiating Success!™ is based on the three pillars of Mutuality, Proactivity and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Mutuality encourages negotiators on both sides to look for common ground and a relationship based win-win attitude. Proactivity ensures that negotiators lead the way to success through a strong and thorough mutuality-based process. And R.E.S.P.E.C.T. shows how to use Responsiveness, Empathy, Service, Perspectives, Esteem, Courage and Truth-telling as essential ingredients in today’s successful negotiations. The results are that future negotiations are successful and both parties feel they have come out ahead.

Workshop Benefits

  • Transforms understanding of the negotiation process
  • Expands personal power for effective bargaining
  • Uncovers the value of understanding negotiation styles
  • Teaches how to create Range & Alternatives to best results
  • Provides a 5 phase approach for extra-ordinary outcomes
  • Identifies how to overcome win-lose tactics used by others
  • Expands ability to deal with and diffuse conflict
  • Ignites passion for inspiring others to work toward win-win
  • Anchors success through use of real-life role play practice sessions

Who Should AttendLeaders/Managers/Supervisors

  • Procurement Specialists
  • Suppliers/Vendors
  • HR Professionals
  • Negotiators at All Levels

Workshop Materials

Every participant receives a personalized DiSC Personality Profile assessment (optional) and a Negotiating Success!™ Workshop Manual including text, work-sheets, and exercises.

One Day Options

The two day Negotiating Success!™ training workshop may be offered in a one day format with optional follow up coaching. Coaching is a powerful way to build on the new skills and ensure that training dollars are maximized. Contact us for more information about the Negotiating Success!™ training program or to discuss your organization’s corporate training needs.

Call today to learn how you or your team can participate in Negotiating Success!™ We can be reached at 415-499-3533.

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