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Orienting Digital Natives at Work

These Digital Natives, so called because they’ve grown up in the age of the Internet, digital gadgets and cell phones, are ahead of the game compared to generations that have preceded them in terms of techno-savvy. However some important skills they need in the business environment have become diluted if not decimated altogether in the course of their digital immersion. Continue reading

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Younger Workers Push Digital Norms

Mr. Wilbur notes that “…what flies at the college level, peer to peer, is dramatically different than peer to peer communication expectations in the workforce.” Abbreviations and acronyms in business emails for example are not well received by older co-workers, let alone customers. Continue reading

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Manager Tip: Use Civility in Interviews

Some interviewers seem to delight in the inherent power that comes from being on the side of the desk that does the hiring. I can only urge those who feel “empowered” in this way to recall their own experiences searching for a job and in particular the vulnerability of being a job candidate. Continue reading

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