"The integrated training programs you developed for Pasqua Coffee contributed to an 18% upswing in our sales. The classroom training programs were excellent. You prepared great management tools and an inspiring train the trainer program. You really made an impact on our business"

Mark Zuckerman, COO
Pasqua Coffee
"I have found Marla to be a great partner in creating training modules for our project leadership program. She was always positive, professional and collaborative in all our work. Marla was excellent at understanding our goals and bringing her background knowledge to create the custom modules we needed."

Bruce MacGregor, CCO, Chief Capabilities Officer
"I watched Marla found and professionalize the entire Supercuts training and development effort. I found her to be extremely creative and able to work effectively through a variety of management changes and with many challenging personalities. She is tactful yet persistent in getting the job done while being mindful of people and keeping her analytical ability sharply focused on the bottom line."

Lynn Ware, President
Intergral Training Systems
“Marla is providing two important services for our company. 1) She is working with department heads to help them clarify their leadership responsibilities and delegate effectively. 2) She works with our entire staff on "matrix management," creating systems to help us maximize our time and minimize confusion. She prepares well, communicates effectively, and helps us to stay focused. I have worked with Marla for many years, and am delighted to see her impact with my new company!” 

Arjan Khalsa, CEO
"Thanks so much for your efforts. I really enjoyed the day and found your ideas and guidance very helpful. I particularly liked the way we did an exercise, talked about it, and then you brought the focus back to our everyday work world and how we could apply those skills and insights to our work setting."

Anne Olson, Director of Sales
"Thank you for the great job and especially for the expediency on our Sales 101 class. We will be a better company for it!"

Randy Reimer, Director Human Resources
Restoration Hardware
“I hired Marla to assist me in developing a business plan. Her probing questions and attention to detail were vital to creating a plan that was both innovative and dynamic. What could have been a drudgery (who actually LIKES to sit down and write these plans!) turned into an exciting project...I actually looked forward to our conversations and seeing how the finished product would evolve. If that weren't enough, Marla's warm and engaging style made the process a pleasure!”

Sharon Lehrman, RD, MPH
Nutrition, Health and Wellness
“Marla is a miracle worker, teaching communication skills to a full range of employees and health care providers. Very personable, high integrity, creative, great results - just wonderful. Marla's work with our staff completely changed the communication dynamics in our organization."

Kathryn Powell
Petaluma Health Center

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