Thriving in the Matrix

You know you’re working in a matrixed environment when:

  • You’re asked to deliver results to someone you don’t report to
  • You’re asked to get results from someone that doesn’t report to you
  • You’re working on projects with people who report to a manager other than yours

If you find your head spinning in this work environment, you’re not alone. In fact you’re in very good company; thousands of companies operate in this manner, on projects, across silos domestically and across global offices. And yet, very little training addresses the challenges encountered in the matrixed environment: Who is accountable? Who makes the critical decisions? Who is informed of those decisions? How are decisions and updates communicated? How do you influence others to contribute when you don’t manage them?

By attending this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Estabish project and task goals in a concise manner, understandable to all
  2. Apply practical organizing tools to managing multiple players’ inputs on a project team
  3. Understand how to develop and enhance trust among project members and avoid creating roadblocks to that trust.
  4. Practice the communication skills necessary to meet the matrixed team’s challenges
  5. Elevate their own perspective and that of others to work toward the matixed team’s mission, not just that of each individual’s fiefdom.
  6. Conduct productive meetings that maximize the contributions of each player.

Call to inquire about conducting the program at your company: 415-499-3533

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